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Admission to this class is

by invitation or interview only.





Send inquiries about this

and future sessions of

The Acting Department to


THE ACTING DEPARTMENT is a laboratory for dedicated, mature actors who are committed to artistic quality, professional achievement, and sustaining longevity as a performer. The lab will consist of 8-12 participants per course.

Each participant must comply with the following:



  • This lab is free form. You are welcome to do cold read(s), rehearsed, memorized, pending audition, attack an old read, material(s).

  • On camera avail for on camera material.

  • Attendance is for the duration of the day. 

  • Full class structure and details avail for participants



  • Attendance for the duration of the 8-week program, one class per week. Weeks 1-4 (Part1) will involve acting with a scene partner. Weeks 5-8 (Part 2) will be dedicated to on-camera audition with video playback and critique.

  • For Part 1, participants must commit 90 minutes of rehearsal or more for scene work in the days preceding class.

  • For Part 2, each participant will have 1 or 2 scene possibilities from film, TV, stage play or audition sides for on-camera work. A brief synopsis of the work from which the scene is taken will be included. Each scene will have two characters and runs no longer than 6 minutes. Ron will make the final choice on material.

  • Payments may be made in full in Week 1 or in two installments in Weeks 1 and 5.


  • Professional standards of punctuality are to be observed.

  • In the unavoidable event of a scene partner's absence, participants must be prepared with a 2-minute monologue or a scene for an initial read.

  • Discourteous, disrespectful, or abusive language and behavior will not be tolerated.

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